Posted by: thinkgeography | September 11, 2008

What’s all the fuss about the census?

Is the census really that important?  Could we do without it?  In a world of information and stat overload – could we actually get the information from other sources – from all those databases crammed with information that the Government holds on us? 


I remember watching the X files a few years ago and the idea was that the government held minute pieces of detail on every one of us – right down to our DNA  . . . in old filing cabinets in big caves . . . is this possible?  Maybe, but then remember that the government has also spent the last year apologising for loosing all this data and information.  


Here’s an exercise I would like you to do . . .  you have a copy of the English 2001 census – take a look at this copy of the NI census – what are the exact differences?  What do you think they are there and why would we need to ask these questions anyway?    



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