Posted by: thinkgeography | September 27, 2008

Moving on to population pyramids!

NI Population Pyramid from census 2001

NI Population Pyramid from census 2001

The age and sex structure of the population


One of the best ways to take a look at the composition of the population in a place/ country is to look at its ‘population pyramid’.  This is  special graph that allows us to take a look at the numbers or percentage of the population that is in a particular age group.   This graph is vital to the geographer as any changes in the pyramids can inidicate changes and fluctuations to birth rate, death rate and life expectancy.  As a result, you are expected to be able to understand and use these mechanisms to compare population structures and in some ways, the actual development of a country. 


There are 3 booklets that you should use initially to start thinking about this. 

  1. Start to work your way through the main booklet 1b Age/Sex structure and take the noted as indicated through the booklet
  2. When you get to the Demographic Transition Model  – there is a booklet that you should use and read.
  3. When you get to page 5 in the main booklet – start to read and look at the final booklet ‘What is a population pyramid?’ and answer the questions on the front in as much detail as you can.


In class later in the week we will start to look at these population pyramids and what they mean in a lot more detail.  


In the meantime, make sure that you email me your update to the State of the NI population from 2002 to the present.  The best one to use is probably  



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