Posted by: thinkgeography | October 1, 2008

Population pyramids update!


Population Pyramid

Population Pyramid

Thanks to those of you who have sent through the essays – I have not had the chance to work out who has not sent them yet – but I will get round to that some time tomorrow!   


I just wanted to clarify a bit more about what I want you to be doing in my absence at the minute.  This is the definitive version of everything!   I have also been working on a document that is the Learning checklist for 1b Population Structure  – this document will help guide your through the main things that you need to know and be aware of in this part of the population unit – make sure that you know the definitions in particular!   


In the main booklet – 1b Age/Sex Structure you should continue to work through Pages 2,3 and 4.  Ignore the essay on Page 4.  Do not worry about this essay title.


When you get to page 5 in the booklet – start to read and look at the final booklet ‘What is a population pyramid?’ and answer the questions on the front in as much detail as you can. 


Back to page 6 in the booklet – take the notes as indicated from the Essential Geography book and then move onto the notes on page 8 of the booklet. 


Homework:  It is highly unlikely that I will be in school tomorrow – so the next time that I see you all will be on Tuesday 7th Oct.  Aim to have as much of this done as possible but at the very least get up to Page 5 AND the questions on population pyramids attempted. 


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